6l80 transmission life expectancy.

May 27, 2022 ... ... transmission he said should help solve my transmission problems. Thinking I'm going to go that route and see if we can get this car into the ...

6l80 transmission life expectancy. Things To Know About 6l80 transmission life expectancy.

I know the old rules with the Turbo 350,400, 700r4 and 4L60/65/70 Transmissions were if it had high miles of original fluid, don't change it, just add when necessary. I have 160k on my 6L80 and never saw a drop of anything below the car, completely issue free. But I have never changed the transmission or rear diff fluid.bowler 6l80e transmission package with 2200-2400 rpm stall converter. designed for ls1, ls3, ls7 motors (can also be setup for ls9, lsx and lsa motors) * excellent for vehicles that are equipped with engines producing up to 650 ft lbs of torque. ... * increased pressure for improved clutch life * upgraded 1-2-3-4 clutch piston (for improved ...Aug 24, 2019. #1. How long should I expect a 68rfe to last in a 2500 just daily driving mostly 99 percent of its life. Not driving like a ass. Won't delete till after warranty and only run stock tune. Will change trans fluid and filter every 60-80k miles unless shown proof I should do it sooner.About the 6L80 Transmission. Introduced in 2006, the 6L80 is a popular, 6-speed, RWD transmission produced for more than 8 million trucks, SUVs and cars. It's used by GM in about 20 models, most widely in the Chevy Silverado, Tahoe and Suburban, the GMC Sierra and Yukon, and the Cadillac Escalade. The 6L80 also is found in the Chevy Corvette ...

(Truck Tire Life Expectancy) Fixing Thor Motor Coach Slide Problems SW33 (Ace, Palazzo) 6L90 MYD Transmission Guide (Meaning, Fails, Buying Used) ... The 6L90 shares about 75% of its parts with the 6L80 but it is not the same transmission. It has 6 pinion gears which is 2 more than the 6L80 as well as a strengthened input and output …Line Pressure Tap is located in the converter housing on the right hand side as shown below. Normal line pressure should be 50-53 PSI, when in Park or Neutral and RPM below 1500, and then should rise smoothly with throttle opening when in gear and road testing. Amount of line rise will depend on engine load and vehicle speed.

Learn how long a 6L80 transmission can last, what affects its life expectancy, and how to avoid common problems. Find out the benefits of regular maintenance and when to …

The 6L80, on the other hand, has a first gear ratio of 4.03, a second gear ratio of 2.36, a third gear ratio of 1.53, a fourth gear ratio of 1.15, a fifth gear ratio of 0.85, and a sixth gear ratio of 0.67. This means that the 6L80 transmission has a wider range of gear ratios, which allows for better acceleration and fuel economy.Sep 19, 2023 · Better Fuel Efficiency: A well-tuned 6L80E can contribute to improved fuel efficiency. By optimizing shift points and torque converter lockup, tuning can help your vehicle operate more efficiently, potentially saving you money at the pump. Customized Performance: Transmission tuning is not a one-size-fits-all solution.Automatic transmissions don't have an "average" operating life - this is highly dependent on the make, model, and the stresses which it is put through by its user (s). However, we do know that most modern automatic transmissions, if treated properly, generally last for at least 100,000 miles. Regular service, appropriate fluid levels, and ...Aug 31, 2014 ... 6L80 off course. Trending Topics. 35x10.5x17 Kenda Klever RT. 378. 5. Transmission problems 42RLE. 365. 6. 1.5" lift suggestions... 260. 2. new ...

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Condition: New. Model: M45750DB-N. $225.00. Add to Cart. 6L80, 6L90 Bell Housing w/ 2 Top Bolt Holes Retro fits all applications. New OEM Part. Front Pump Front Half. 2 Top Bolt Holes Retro Fits all years. Cast#24239892.

Presented by Sonnax. Sonnax High Performance Product Line Manager, Gregg Nader, delivers an in-depth look at four popular GM 6L80-series transmission upgrades and repairs. Featured products include the heavy-duty 4-5-6 clutch apply piston kit, high-strength pump slide spring, proven line pressure booster kit and award-winning Zip Kit®. 4:51.Upgrading a 6L90 transmission can significantly improve its performance and reliability, but careful consideration of your needs and budget is crucial. Essential upgrades include a higher-stall torque converter, a larger cooler, performance clutches and bands, and custom tuning. While the 6L90 can handle up to 700 horsepower and responds well ...There are more than 200 species of owls and depending on the species, an owl’s life expectancy can range from 1 year for a short-lived species, such as the barn owl, to as long as ...6r80 6l80 warranty6l90e performance transmissions. street, strip, offroad Fast lane 6l80e transmission with 6l80e torque converter6l80 transmission life expectancy [all you need to know]. Check Details. How much does a transmission weigh. 6l80e transmission guide & informationTransmission 6l80 checkout exact 6l80 transmissionTransmissions ...The TBV will open at the following temperatures for the models listed in this TSB. 6 Speed (6L80, 6L90) - 158F (70C) - TBV is external to the transmission 8 Speed (8L90) - 194F …Nov 21, 2023 · Here is the short answer to how long Chevrolet Silverados last: With regular maintenance and conscientious use, a good model year of the Chevrolet Silverado can last between 200,000 to 300,000 miles or more. That means you can easily get 10 to 20 years of reliable service from a Silverado truck with proper maintenance. Let’s dive a little deeper.

According to their opinions, the longevity of a Ford F150 transmission can vary depending on several factors. Extensive research and studies have been conducted to understand the lifespan of Ford transmissions. These studies have revealed that with proper maintenance and care, a Ford F150 transmission can last between 150,000 to …Honda automatic transmissions were a weak point. Like back in the late 90s and early 2000s. But this era is fine. Change the fluid every 30k and you have nothing to worry about. The Fleet: Victus - 2012 Honda Accord - EX-L V6 - Crystal Black Pearl - 39k miles - Bought used in July 2022 with 23k miles. Bolt - 2006 Honda Odyssey - EX - Ocean Mist ...The transmission's ability to handle the stress of towing without compromising performance underscores its reliability in demanding scenarios. 6R80: While the 6R80 may not match the 6R140's towing prowess pound-for-pound, it still offers a commendable towing capacity.The 4L80e transmission is a powerful and reliable GM tranny. With 75% of its components as that of TH400, it's not new, it is strong. The 4L80e is a TH400 with overdrive and electronic controls built for heavy-duty applications and fitted into GM trucks like the Sierra, Suburban, and Silverado.6L80E Transmission Production GM 4L70E (2006-2008) Simple Shift Harness $ 3,800.00. ... We have three levels of the 6L90E transmission. Our stage 0ne 6l90e transmission that is good for up to 550-600 Hp, Stage 2 for up to 800 Hp, then our stage three which can handle up to 1200 Hp. We have an option to reprogram our 6 speed transmissions prior ...picking up my new transmission 6L80

This transmission is built with the latest OE updates. Backed by the Transtar Seal of Quality, this unit comes standard with the 18-month/18,000 mile warranty and is upgradeable to the Premium and Ultimate Warranties. Common tag #'s are 9CKA, 7CKA, 8CJA & 7CJA. ... AWD/4WD 6-Spd for 07-09 GM 6L80E Transtar Part Number: 104-AAAThe 6L transmissions use the low sprag to hold the output carrier stationary during vehicle launch in 1st gear. Unlike some older transmission designs, the 6L80/90 applications also apply the Low Reverse (L/R) clutch to aid the low sprag during take-off. If the sprag develops a problem, the L/R clutch will hold the output carrier initially.

The 6L80, on the other hand, has a first gear ratio of 4.03, a second gear ratio of 2.36, a third gear ratio of 1.53, a fourth gear ratio of 1.15, a fifth gear ratio of 0.85, and a sixth gear ratio of 0.67. This means that the 6L80 transmission has a wider range of gear ratios, which allows for better acceleration and fuel economy.Transtar Part Number: D104750B. This new OEM bell housing covers over 90% of all GM 6L80 and 6L90 transmissions on the road today. Why mess around with machining your original bell housing when Transtar carries an OE replacement at a very low cost? Buy Now.Apr 17, 2022 · The R&R of the TEHCM (Transmission Electronic Hydraulic Control Module) for Switch & Film Rebuilds 6L90: The Problem of having “Delayed Forward and Delayed Reverse” in the 6L80 Transmissions may NOTjust be a Problem with Malfunctioning TEHCM Switches, but may also involve LEAKSfrom Damaged Switch Films.6l80 Transmission Advice/Insight Requested! Hello Mechanic's! I recently purchased a 2017 Sierra and almost immediately (less than 2k miles later) dropped a brand new factory 6l80 into the truck due to shifting issues. It was shifting hard between 1st 2nd and 3rd when accelerating and the same and even harder in deceleration.The 4L65E transmission has a weight of 194.6 pounds. It's gear ratios for the first gear, second gear, third gear, and fourth gear are 3.059-to-1, 1.625-to-1, 1-to-1, and .0696-to-1, respectively. What's more, the 4L65E features five-pinion planetary carriers. This transmission comes with large sun-shell gears, created from powdered metal.FWIW, I know a guy that has a T-100 with the same engine and trans. The last time I saw it several years ago, it had 360,000+ miles on the all original drivetrain, and still ran fine. A little preventive maintenance goes a long way. Since the trans fluid history is in question, I'd be inclined to change it.My 2014 6L80 transmission oil temps were in the 230-240 degree range. Google search cured it, put in a thermostat delete kit. Temps now run at 178 degrees. Changed trans fluid and filter after delete kit installed. So far it has been a great truck at 150000 miles. Posted: 6/13/2023 11:59:16 PM EDT ...

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Below we’ve outlined the specific transmissions that are used in the production span of the 1500, and we’ve attached prices that we found with online retailers: 4-speed 4L60-E automatic: $1,795. 5-speed NV3500 manual: $2,000. 4-speed “2-Mode Hybrid transmission” 2ML70: $1,749. 6-speed 6L80 automatic: $3,899.

How Automatic Transmission Fluid Cools a Transmission; Fluid Life Expectancy vs Temperature; Fluid Temperature & Damage; ... Just wanted to share this because it just happened to me. 2016 Silverado 1500 with 6L80 tranny overheating because engine coolant thermostat got stuck open. Engine never warmed up enough to kick on the fan so the ...Eagle Transmission Shop Specialize in 6l80E Transmission Repairs. Free Towing w/major repair up to 45 Miles! 1600 Dallas Dr. Denton TX 76205 Phone 940-898-0808The LFX engine used in the 2012+ Camaro has not been around long enough for a definitive answer. I think it's all in how you treat it, with proper maintenance, engines nowdays should last 200k or more. I am pushing 54,000 miles on my SS and no sign of weakness. Still feels like new.Below we’ve outlined the specific transmissions that are used in the production span of the Avalanche, and we’ve attached prices that we found with online retailers: 4-speed 4L60-E automatic: $1,795. 4-speed 4L80-E automatic: $2,031. 6-speed 6L80 automatic: $3,899. Also read: Chevy 1500 Transmissions & Chevy 2500/3500 …The General Motors 6L80-E transmissions are among the most diverse and capable transmissions of their time; being used in everything from exciting muscle cars to family SUV’s. In this Drivetrain 101, we’ll analyze all of its most prolific problems, solutions and upgrades. Become a 6L80-E transmission expert now!The trans in mine died at 59,600 miles, and was replaced under warranty. Different trans than in your 4 cyl though. 2015 RAV4 Limited, AWD, tech pkg, Barcelona red metallic, 115k miles. 1996 Avalon XLS, ABS brakes, super white II, acquired w/ 139k, now at 432k. 1998 RAV4 3dr soft top AWD 5 spd, Blue Pearl Metallic, 185k miles.If the 4-5-6 clutch is found to be distressed, be sure to disassemble and inspect the pump for possible damage. Inspect for any of the following conditions: Scored pump rotor or pump vanes. Scored pump cover or pump rotor pocket. Cracked pump slide Failure to disassemble and inspect the pump may cause repeat distress to the 4-5-6 clutches.The 8L90 transmission is still in use today, but is slowly retiring in exchange for the 10L80 and 10L90 transmissions. Without further ado, we will now assess the prolific problems associated with this transmission and how to address and enhance them. Problem #1 - The Torque Converter. As with many transmissions, the torque converter suffers ...3. ACDelco 10-9243 Dexron VI Automatic Transmission Fluid - Best For Smooth Functionality. If your GMC Sierra's 4L60e transmission vibrates, shudders, lots of metal shavings, and fluid becomes very dark. There is no sense in making its life more complicated with poor trans oil.May 31, 2015 · 15 posts · Joined 2013. #1 · May 31, 2015. I have a 2010 Sierra with 5.3 and 6L80E, it had just over 50k miles on it. I believe the manual states for normal driving the trans doesn't need services till 100k, truck pulls a trailer occasionally but is far from "severe" driving. I noticed there is no drain plug in the pan, I was going to use a ...4 days ago · Information about GM's 8-speed 8L90 M5U Hydra-Matic transmission, including ... to fit the same space as the previous 6L80/6L90 family of six ... consistent for the life of the transmission.

Tune was done on a dyno in 2019 or 2020 by the Sloppy Mechanics. Details. 122k mile 6.0L. BTR Stage 2 N/A Cam Specs: 225/238 .620"/.605" 113+3. Kooks Headers. Cat Delete X Pipe. Borla Exhaust. Circle D 3200 Converter. The car made 455 hp at the wheels on e85.Feb 24, 2023 · The 6L80 transmission life expectancy is lower than average than the standard transmission with a shelf life of about 250,000 miles. The leading cause of engine failure is the six-lobe engine oil seals. Here are some factors that affect the 6L80 transmission life expectancy and how good it can be.Maintenance. You might disregard the significance of vehicle servicing, but it can extend the 6L80 transmission life expectancy considerably. Give the transmission regular oil changes and tune-ups. You should consider checking the transmission fluid after driving for 30,000 miles. Also, change the fluid if it seems dirty.Instagram:https://instagram. bundy flute serial numbers what is the "best" transmission fluid for a GM 6L80 in a 2015 Sierra? on quickly searching all i am finding is Valvoline Maxlife. I plan to just suck old out and add that amount back a few times to do a fluid change over time. currently on stock fluid at 81k miles. C.If the transmission is failing: It might skip gears. It could be slow to engage into drive. It is likely to start slipping. A smaller repair bill. If the transmission has likely failed (red alert!): The truck will not move – Sometimes called P-N-N-N-N-N (Park-Neutral-Neutral….) bernedoodle summer cut Time to learn how the transmissions knows when to shift and learn a few top secret tricks along the way!Link to PPT Guides and Bluecat Tool:https://drive.goo...This pan is one of the largest that can fit on the 6L80, increasing fluid volume and â ¦ Things that Affect the Transmission Life Expectancy The proper use of this transmission also increases the CVT shifter life expectancy. 6L80 Six-Speed Automatic This new-gen GM trans is so sophisticated that it has a separate computer (TCM or transmission ... p trap kit lowes In the 6l80e transmission, the first gear ratio is typically around 4.03:1. Second gear ratio: The second gear ratio is slightly higher than the first gear ratio, allowing for smoother acceleration and a balance between power and fuel efficiency. In the 6l80e transmission, the second gear ratio is usually around 2.36:1. kickback jack's danville va menu Solution – These 6L80 transmission problems can be caused by a leaking 1-2-3-4 and 3-5-R clutch seal rings. The clutch packs, discs and drums should also be inspected for signs of damage. Street Smart Transmission remanufactured 6L80 transmissions come already modified to correct the causes of these problems. Slips in Reverse or Third ...6L80 Performance Transmission Rebuild - CDT Level 2. 6L80 Level 2 Rebuild: Rated Up To 550 RWHP. ... the cooler will lower operating temperature and recovery time which in turn will extend the life of your transmission. Thank you for the opportunity to assist you. Stay Safe and Have Fun! The Crew at CDT. Categories. Transmission Services ; retro bowl ubg About the GM 6L80 Automatic TransmissionThe 6L80/6L90E automatic transmission fills a much needed duty gap between the versatility of the 4.0L series and the Allison variety. All previous GM transmissions had been based on hydraulic controls with more electrical aspects with each upgrade, but this unit was developed as an electro/hydraulic controlled transmission. This transmission can be used ... rn learning system pharmacology practice quiz I'm not opposed to replacing the transmission. All things considered the rest of the truck has been solid. This is at a ford dealership with a mechanic I trust so I expected it to be pricey. ... I had to replace the 6L80 in my Tahoe at 170K miles back in 2021 and I went with them. I paid OTD roughly $3300 for trans and install at a shop near ... hubc stocktwits 19977 posts · Joined 2012. #10 · Dec 3, 2020. 6l80 hands down every day over the 4l60e. The main weak spot on the 6l80 is the torque converter and the tuning. Get a better torque converter in there and some solid tuning, and they are good transmissions.Dec 20, 2020 ... In this video, i go over 2 very common problems with the 6L80E that would cause no forward movement. First is a shrunk down #1 checkball and ... lake wisconsin lake link Circle D 6L80E Transmission Upgrades - Safe Six - Tech. Circle D Makes GM's Best-Ever Transmission Even Better With its Bulletproof 6L80E Six-Speed Upgrades. Stephen Kim Writer Jan 19, 2011. virginia body rubs 18259 posts · Joined 2008. #2 · Feb 8, 2018. The big killer on the 5 speed is heavy throttle during shifts- if you are careful on the up/down shifts, it could last to 500k. Moving to Trans for more opinions.The 6L80E is a 6-speed automatic transmission that features a 4.02:1 first gear allowing pavement-tearing acceleration. The aftermarket versions available at JEGS allow for a 45% increase in torque. This means it can handle up to 650 ft.-lb. of torque. allina elevate network Stucco is an excellent finishing material that has been around for centuries. It is a natural product that is very resistant to weather, chemical, and Expert Advice On Improving Yo... lambert tatman funeral home south parkersburg wv Transmission filters for the 4l80e are very inexpensive and simple. Most 4l80e transmission filters and kits (including pan gasket and filter seal) cost around $20 - $30. The filters we recommend for your 4l80e are: GM Genuine 24236933 Automatic Transmission Fluid Filter Kit. Airtight closure prevents loss of line pressure.What Is 6l80 transmission life expectancy? The life expectancy of a 6L80 transmission can vary significantly depending on several factors, making it difficult to give a definitive answer. Here’s a breakdown of the influencing aspects: Factors Affecting LifespanSo here is a fact you should remember: the ideal maximum transmission temperature is 200°F. For every 20 degrees you go above 200 you reduce the expected life span of the transmission by a factor of 2. Simply put, at 220 degrees you can expect ½ the life span, at 240 a ¼ and at 260 it is reduced to 1/8th.